The region Traisental

The landscape of the Traisen Valley, south of Wachau, Krems and Kamptal, captivates with gentle hills and small vineyards. The Traisental wine-growing region of around 800 hectares has existed in this form since 1995 and is the only one in Austria whose vineyards have increased significantly (approx. 15 - 20 percent in recent years). On the banks of the clear Traisen there are fertile fields, which gradually merge into partly tiny terrace vineyards, in which the good and independent Traisental wines and the Traisental DAC grow.

The wines also benefit from the special microclimate of the Traisen valley. Pannonian influences provide warmth and sun, Atlantic currents bring cool air, which plays an important role in developing the aromas.

Traisental wines have an independent profile that distinguishes them from other wine-growing regions: fragrant and multi-layered, sometimes also powerfully spicy wines. Since the 2006 vintage, typical fruity, spicy Grüner Veltliner and pithy, mineral Rieslings have been marketed under the name Traisental DAC.

In recent years, the Traisental wine region has experienced a significant upswing - by focusing on its strengths, striving for quality together and also better communication with the outside world. In many comparative tastings, the wines of the Traisen Valley can be found in remarkable places.